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Technical Advisor for Health System Strengthening
Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation

EGPAF is recruiting a Technical Advisor for Health System Strengthening for Nampula in Mozambique.


The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF) works in partnership with the Ministry of Health to support the Vertical Transmission Prevention (PMTCT) and Antiretroviral Care and Treatment (ART)
The mission of the Foundation is to ensure the inclusion of children by preventing the transmission of HIV from the mother to her child and guaranteeing them access to quality services

The FSS Program Advisor will be responsible for coordinating and operationalizing the activities of SA Classics, PBF as well as institutional capacity building of the NHS in the areas of Planning, financial management and Human Resource for the autonomous DPS, SDSMAS and US
The FSS Program Advisor responds directly to the Provincial Coordinator and works in collaboration with Director of Innovation for Outcomes in the Health area, C & G department based in Maputo
Make regular trips to the districts to provide practical support to the SDSMAS and autonomous USs during the times of planning and verification of quarterly data
Planning: The FSS Program Advisor should act as the EGPAF focal point and should support the planning, implementation and monitoring of sub - agreements (S - A) with autonomous DPS, SDSMAS and US:
Actively participate and co-facilitate the annual MISAU-PES plan and the strategic plan
Participate and facilitate the joint annual plan MISAU and EGPAF and be responsible for the development of the budget of the annual plan of each beneficiary considering inputs and outputs linked to EGPAF support
To develop with the Provincial Coordinator of the EGPAF in the Province the training plans for the DPS, SDSMAS and autonomous US in the areas of Planning, Financial Management and Human Resources
Participate and support DPS / SDSMAS and autonomous US at district and Provincial level in the harmonization of Planning cycles between partners and NHS
Human Resources for Health (HRH): Support the Human Resources for Health development plan and follow its implementation at the different levels of the health system in the Province
Strengthen the capacity of the DPS, SDSMAS and US self-governing bodies in relation to staff management, leadership and planning skills in the health sector in an effective way to improve the provision of clinical health services
Work with DPS, SDSMAS and US to apply the employee performance appraisal and ensure their inclusion in the quarterly GMP verification
Finance: Contribute to the development of financial management improvement plans including, if applicable, improved management of public financial resources (Public Financial Management) in partnership with ICD
Conduct the coaching in the district to implement the activity plan and manage with the Health System Strengthening Officer (FSS Of) the financial verification and financial reports in relation to the activities planned and implemented through SA classic and PBF
To support the DPS, SDSMAS and autonomous US beneficiaries in the preparation of the report for the quarterly verification of PBF as well as to support in the elaboration of the reinvestment plan of PBF
Ensure with the FSS and Of of M & A, the quarterly verification of PBF, using the POP's developed until the third week of the following month the quarter
Ensure during its verification visits and with the FSS Of following the applicable rules in the implementation of the PBF and the S-A with the beneficiaries
Report to Maputo the verification results until the end of the following month the quarter
Develop a quarterly PBF evaluation report and share with the Maputo-based FSS department by copying DPS, SDSMAS and autonomous US
Prepare quarterly reports on activities implemented in the area of ​​SA Classics, PBF and training of the NHS (Planning, Financial Management and Human Resources) for districts under its responsibility
Facilitate the communication and documentation of good practices in the process of strengthening the health system
He is directly responsible for the FSS Officer in all aspects of a direct supervisor


Higher Education and Licentiate degree in Medicine, Public Health, Health Economics, FSS or equivalent training in the field
Master in Public Health or Epidemiology is an advantage
General professional experience of at least 7 years
Experience and Knowledge proven practical and / or theoretical on aspects of planning, financial management and HR in health of minimum three years
Three years of project management experience in public health
Experience in quantitative studies
Experience in health projects funded by the US Government is an advantage
Knowledge of performance indicators in the health area and experience in the provision of health services
Domain (oral and written) of the Portuguese language
Proficiency in English will be an advantage
MS Office (Excel, Word, Power Point, Outlook) with advanced domain in excel
Mastery of a statistical analysis package would be an advantage
Learning ability
Potentiality of insertion in multidisciplinary work teams
Strong knowledge in facilitation of planning, programmatic and financial monitoring (sub-agreements)
Demonstrated knowledge and management and leadership, self motivation and work based on goals / results

Only pre-selected candidates will be contacted
Indicate the source of this vacancy in your application
Applications must be accompanied by Curriculum Vitae, copies of diplomas and references
How to Apply

1. Documentation

Presentation letter
Curriculum vitae
2. Application

Send an email to and enter the subject "ATHSSN-Nampula"

Expires on 28/03/2017


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